Gift & Rewards Cards

ProSaver Cards are a natural for gift cards because of our Bar Code on the back of card.

If you have a Bar Code scanner, the process becomes very easy. If you do not have a Bar Code scanner then a manual record keeping is required which would consist of a ledger style entry book.

ProSaver Gift Cards:
Let’s say you have a Barber Shop and have a customer that wants a ProSaver Card for their son Ron. They want to load it with $50.00 so that Ron could use his new ProSaver Card to pay for his haircuts. After finishing his haircut, scan his card and deduct the price of the haircut, after the ProSaver Discount, from the $50.00 and give Ron a receipt showing his balance. Mean time Ron can still use his ProSaver Card at all the other businesses without revealing the balance on his card.

Ron may want to load the same card ProSaver Card with another $50.00 or $100.00 at his favorite restaurant. The restaurant would repeat the same process as the Barber Shop did but the restaurant has no knowledge of the Barber Shop balance nor does the Barber Shop have any knowledge of the restaurant balance.. It is very important that a receipt be issued at each transaction. The receipt should the beginning balance and each deduction from the initial transaction date.

ProSaver Rewards Card:
Let’s say you have a rewards program at your Barber Shop that states that after so many haircuts at regular price the next one is free or half price.  Again, after the haircut, you scan the card and see how many times he has had a haircut and reward him with his free or half price haircut.

Again if Ron want’s to use his ProSaver Card at a restaurant that also has a Rewards program, they can follow the same steps as the Barber Shop without either businesses knowing the Ron’s ProSaver Card is used as an Rewards card at another business.

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