ProSaver Travel

prosaver-shop-and-travel-finalINTRODUCING PROSAVER TRAVEL

At PROSAVER, we believe in supporting the local economy where you live. It helps the small business owner and your community. Doing that alone is its own reward but we want to reward you as well by getting a discount when you buy from your local merchant. Purchase a NEVER-EXPIRING PROSAVER CARD and ask your local restaurants and businesses if they honor the card. If they don’t, suggest that they start! We are all in this together and we are definitely STRONGER together.

At PROSAVER, we also believe in recharging your battery and expanding your horizons. That is why we believe in travel-everybody deserves some time away. We are proud to introduce you to PROSAVER TRAVEL. The membership to PROSAVER TRAVEL is free of charge (even if you are not a regular PROSAVER CARD holder!). Just sign up on our website and get online prices on your favorite vacation destinations.

PROSAVER TRAVEL is a partner with THE VORTEX, the most powerful travel search tool yet. We routinely beat all the BIG GUYS. Why haven’t you heard of the VORTEX? It is simply because they chose to give more savings to the members than spending their money on huge mass media advertising.
In addition to getting the best deals on travel, your travel purchase will help support PROSAVER and our ongoing mission to get people to shop local.

So remember our new motto: BUY LOCALLY and TRAVEL GLOBALLY.
And do it all while saving a bunch of money!